Prolific Repeat Offender Pleads Guilty


January 22 - Nearly one year to the day that Christopher Heh’s year-long crime spree in Albuquerque ended, prosecutors with the State have resolved all of his cases within our office. 
Today, Heh plead no contest to four more felony charges. His sentence for those charges will run concurrent with the 20.5 years + 5 years of probation he is already serving. 
Last week, Heh was sentenced to 20.5 years in the Department of Corrections followed by 5 years of probation. 
Since November 2017, Heh has been found guilty by a jury of his peers for five felony offenses and one misdemeanor offense. 
Heh has now been convicted of 13 felony offenses since 2009 all ranging from Possession of a Controlled Substance, Unlawful Taking of a Motor Vehicle, Residential Burglary, to Aggravated Fleeing of a Law Enforcement Officer, and more. Heh will not be eligible for release until at least January 2027. 


Guilty Verdict Reached Against William Paul Alexander

January 18 - A seven day long trial ends as jurors agree with prosecutors in finding William Paul Alexander guilty on all counts including First Degree Murder for the brutal slaying of Tiffany Boyer whose body was found near Mountainair.

“We are thankful for the hard work conducted by the jury over the past seven days and their careful consideration of all the evidence in finding William Alexander guilty on all counts including first degree murder. We hope this verdict gives the family some measure of justice for their tragic loss. This investigation lasted two years and the conviction resulted from investigative efforts on the part of the Albuquerque Police Department, Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office, New Mexico State Police, Torrance County Sheriff’s Office and the National Park Service,” Bernalillo County District Attorney Raúl Torrez said.

Convictions Add Up For Repeat Offender

January 10 - Christopher Heh appeared for sentencing after being found guilty of Unlawful Taking of a Motor Vehicle on November 15, 2017. At sentencing, Heh was given the full 9.5 years. Heh is still facing up to 41 more years in custody on three other felony cases he has been convicted of since November 15, 2017. Heh also has four more active felony cases with our office, three of which are scheduled for trial in the upcoming months.

Man Sentenced for Brutal Home Invasion

January 9 - Joseph Baca was sentenced to 9 years in DOC for a brutal 2016 home invasion. A jury found Baca guilty of numerous charges including kidnapping. He will serve 85% of his time for the serious violent offense. The morning of June 17, Baca armed with a sawed-off shotgun forced his way into the home of an 80 year old homeowner, tied her up and robbed her. He will serve four months in court ordered drug rehab before serving out his sentence. His accomplice, Amy Phelan was given three years probation after agreeing to testify against Baca. 

Dakota Cook Sentenced to 15 years

October 11, 2017 - Dakota Cook pleaded guilty before 2nd Judicial District Judge Cindy Leos to second-degree murder and armed robbery and was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the June 2016 murder of Larry Sanchez.  His co-defendant, Antoinette Martinez pleaded guilty to charges including meth trafficking and conspiracy. She agreed to testify against Cook and was sentenced to five years of probation.

Esias Madrid Guilty of First-Degree Murder

October 3, 2017 - Jurors found Esias Madrid guilty of first-degree murder for June 2015 drive-by shooting of 17-year-old Jaydon Chavez-Silver. Madrid is the last of three defendants convicted in the shooting. The other two who were with Madrid, Nicholas Gonzales and Dominic Conyers pleaded guilty to lesser charges. Sentencing is set for mid-November. He is already serving a 16-year sentence in connection to another fatal shooting.

William York Sentenced to Life for Murder of Cory Coyner

William York was sentenced to life plus 18 years after being convicted at trial of first-degree murder, conspiracy and tampering with evidence. Prosecutors said that York and Steve Swayne together planned to kill 32-year-old Cory Coyner, but that York was the one who pulled the trigger. Swayne pleaded to second-degree murder and conspiracy, and is serving a 12-year sentence. A third person who was charged in the case, Michele Freer, pleaded guilty in February to two counts of tampering with evidence in an agreement that required her to testify for the state. She was sentenced to five years of probation.

Pair Plead Guilty to Second Degree Murder

September 29, 2017 - Patrick Zamora and Joseph Sanchez both pled guilty to second degree murder, with a firearm enhancement, and conspiracy to commit shooting at or from a motor vehicle with great bodily harm for their role in the May 2016 drive by shooting death of Aliyah Garcia. The counts will run concurrent. The third shooter, Carlos Alires, plead guilty to second degree murder earlier this month. Carlos is a juvenile and will have a hearing to determine if he will be sentenced as an adult.  Zamora and Sanchez are both adults and face up to 16 years in DOC. Zamora's sentencing will be put off until after his federal case is resolved. Sanchez is set for sentencing on November 8, 2017.


Life Sentence for Tyler Hernandez

August 29, 2017 - Tyler Hernandez was sentenced to life plus 20.5 years in courtroom of Bernalillo County District Judge Cristina Jaramillo for the 2015 murder of William Mckinley. Hernandez stabbed Mckinley to death after the Four Hills homeowner found Hernandez and Craig Whited breaking into his vehicle. Hernandez was found guilty of first degree murder, aggravated battery, conspiracy, tampering with evidence and larceny.Whited pleaded guilty to lesser charges and is currently serving a five year sentence.