Consistent with other District Attorney offices around the country, graphic materials related to officer involved shootings are not posted on our website. These additional materials may be requested under the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act.

Officer Involved Shooting Review and Evaluation

Protocol for Review of Officer Involved Shootings:

  • An on-call Assistant District Attorney will attend officer-involved deadly use of force call-outs. The District Attorney's Office then opens a file immediately. 

    Review Process:

    • An experienced, licensed attorney is appointed by the District Attorney to serve as a Special Prosecutor and is sworn in by the District Court. Duties of the Special Prosecutor include:
      • thoroughly reviewing all aspects of the police investigation and requesting additional information from police if necessary;
      • as necessary, seek additional review and analysis from District Attorneys from other jurisdictions within New Mexico;
      • making appropriate contact with all relevant next of kin to give them an opportunity to participate in the review process;
      • reviewing any submissions of additional information from any other sources or any other individuals with relevant information;
      • determining if sufficient admissible evidence exists to meet the criminal law standard of proof at trial—that a jury considering the facts and law of the case would be likely to find beyond a reasonable doubt that the force used by the officer(s) involved was unjustified.

    Completion of Reports: 
    Upon completion of review, the Special Prosecutor issues a report and makes it available to the public. Reports issued since January 1, 2017 are available below. 

    Current Officer Involved Shooting Investigations

    Date of Indcident Fatal/Non-Fatal Victim Agency Officers Invovled
    4-21 Fatal Mary Hawkes APD Jeremy Dear
    7-22 Fatal Jeremy Robertson APD Ornelas & Sedler
    8-20 Non-fatal Alexander Trinidad Gallegos BCSO Andrew Griego
    5-28 Non-fatal Rodrigo Garcia APD Multiple officers
    6-4 Non-fatal Danan Gabaldon APD Adrian Montoya
    9-15 Fatal Fidencio Duran BCSO Tyler Rahn, Johann Jareno
    12-22 Fatal Jose Rodriguez APD Andrew QuillmanShawana Romero
    2-2 Fatal Edgar Alvarado APD/BCSO Josh Richards, Tim Hix, Gregory Gallegos
    2-20 Fatal Edgar Camacho Alvarado USMS Hernandez
    4-23 Fatal Jacquelyn Burke BCSO Tim Hix
    5-4 Non-fatal David Hickey BCSO Robert Warrick
    5-16 Non-fatal Nathan Jensen USMS Robert Medina
    5-26 Fatal Mario Montoya USMS Anthony Jones, Chris Roberson, APD-Jerrod Pelot
    5-28 Fatal Dennis Humphrey APD Jon O’Guin
    6-15 Fatal Ronald Delfino APD/BCSO Tyler Rahn, Johann Jareno, APD- Dan Porter, Adrian Montoya
    9-19 Non-fatal Ricky Esparza BCSO Peter Martinez
    10-22 Non-fatal Michael Pacheco APD Steve Arias
    1-8 Fatal Gilbert Lovato APD Eric Brown, Russ Carter, Koury Church,Steve Walsh,Mike Hernandez, Nava Marquez
    1-26 Non-fatal Moses Hernandez APD Jeff Bludworth, Ross Vanderlip, Jeff Stone
    2-10 Non-fatal Lee Brandenburg APD Paul Belgart, Mel Acota, James Ortiz
    5-2 Non-fatal Jacob Pacheco APD Israel Martinez, Pat Casias
    6-2 Fatal Raul Gallegos APD
    6-21 Non-fatal David BarberStephanie Pacheco APD Multiple officers
    7-4 Fatal Miguel Gonzales BCSO Charles Coggins, Daniel Skartwed
    7-23 Non-fatal David Macias BCSO Ryan Zamora
    7-25 Non-fatal Charles Chavez BCSO Charles Coggins
    7-28 Fatal Raymond Cruz BCSO Pete Martinez
    7-31 Fatal Robert Savelli APD Jonathan O’Guinn