Victim Impact Program

This special division is a vital part of the Bernalillo County District Attorney’s Office. This division provides extensive assistance and referrals to victims of both misdemeanor and felony crimes. Victim advocates help victims understand their rights under the New Mexico Victims of Crime Act and keeps them involved with their cases as they move through the criminal justice system.

The Victims' of Crimes Act provides certain rights to victims of violent crime. This division is here to help victims understand those rights, to keep victims informed about their case, and to provide information regarding available victim assistance programs. 

This division provides guidelines for possible financial assistance available for medical expenses and loss wages incurred as a result of crimes. We are committed to working with you as your case proceeds through the criminal justice system.

Contact us at 505-222-1204 

Victim's Rights 

  • To be treated with fairness and respect 
  • Timely disposition of the case
  • to be reasonably protected from the accused throughout the criminal justice process
  • To receive notification of court proceedings
  • To attend any public court proceeding the accused has a right to attend
  • To confer with the prosecution 
  • To make a statement at any sentencing or post-sentencing hearing of the accused
  • To receive restitution from the offender
  • To receive information about conviction, sentencing, imprisonment, escape, or release of the accused. 
  • To have the prosecuting attorney notify victim's employer, if requested, of the necessity of the victim's cooperation and testimony in a court proceeding that may require the absence of the victim from work
  • Return of evidence belonging to the victim
  • To be informed at sentencing of any earned merits deduction eligibilities. 

When do the rights of the victims take effect? 

  • When formal charges of an alleged criminal offense is made by the vicim or  agency 
  • Inducement, information, or criminal complaint is delivered tot he District Attorney's office

Victim Responsibilities: A victim can exercise their rights if they: 

  • Report the criminal offense within five days of the occurrence or discovery of the offense unless reasonable not to do so. 
  • Keep the District Attorney's office informed of current address, phone numbers, and email, even after sentencing 
  • Fully cooperate with and fully respond to reasonable requests by law enforcement and the District Attorney's office

Enumerated Crimes

  • Negligent arson resulting in death or bodily injury, NMSA 1978 ¶ 30-17-5
  • Aggravated arson, NMSA 1978 ¶ 30-16-6
  • Aggravated assault, NMSA 1978 ¶ 30-3-2
  • Aggravated battery, NMSA 1978 ¶ 30-3-5
  • Dangerous use of explosives, NMSA 1978 ¶ 30-7-5
  • Negligent use of a deadly weapon, NMSA 1978 ¶ 30-7-4
  • Murder, NMSA 1978 ¶ 30-2-1
  • Voluntary manslaughter, NMSA 1978 ¶ 30-2-3
  • Involuntary manslaughter, NMSA 1978 ¶ 30-2-3
  • Kidnapping, NMSA 1978 ¶ 30-4-1
  • Criminal sexual penetration, NMSA 1978 ¶ 30-9-11
  • Criminal Sexual contact of a minor, NMSA 1978 ¶ 30-9-13
  • Armed robbery, NMSA 1978 ¶ 30-16-2
  • Homicide by vehicle, NMSA 1978 ¶ 66-8-101
  • Great bodily injury by vehicle, NMSA 1978 ¶ 66-8-101
  • Abandonment or abuse of a child, NMSA 1978 ¶ 30-6-1
  • Stalking or aggravated stalking, NMSA 1978 ¶ 30-3A-1
  • Aggravated assault against a household member, NMSA 1978 ¶ 30-3-13
  • Assault against a household member with intent to commit a violent felony, NMSA 1978 ¶ 30-3-14
  • Battery against a household member, NMSA 1978 ¶ 30-3-15
  • Aggravated battery against a household member, NMSA 1978 ¶ 30-3-16

What are the steps of a criminal case in the judicial system? 

  • Crime is reported to law enforcement
  • Investigation and arrest
  • Criminal complaint is filed if probable cause was determined
  • Grand jury or preliminary hearings for felonies; Court sends the criminal complaint to DA for misdemeanors
  • First appearance (felony) or Arraignment (misdemeanor). Formal charges in court and review of bond conditions 
  • Felony arraignments
  • Formal pretrial motions and hearings 
  • Pretrial Conferences
  • Plea agreements or jury trial 
  • Sentencing hearings and appeals (if filed) 

Contact Us 

Main number: 505-222-1204

Victim Support Resources 

New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence

New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs, Inc. 

Crime Victim's Reparations Commission - (505) 841-9432 or (800) 306-6262

New Mexico Corrections Department

Enlace Comunitario - (505) 246-8972

Albuquerque Family Advocacy Center - (505) 243- 2333

United Way of Central New Mexico - (505) 245-1735 or *211

Coalition to Stop Violence against Native Women - (505) 243-9199

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (505) 255-9501

Rape Crisis Center of Central New Mexico - (505) 266-7711 or Hotline 1 (888) 811-8282