Our Mission:

To improve the quality of life of the citizens of Bernalillo County through the thoughtful enforcement of criminal laws and the establishment of a criminal justice system that reflects the values and priorities of this community. 

Initiatives and Goals for the Office:

"Gun Safe" Initiative 

In coordination with the US Attorney's office, we will seek to: 

  • Identify domestic abusers with firearms
  • Ensure these individuals relinquish their firearms once subject to a domestic violence restraining order 
  • Ensure the firearm is not returned without a subsequent background check
  • Ensure accountability when the prohibited person fails to comply with the relinquishment order. 

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"Impact" Prosecution

To stream line and make prosecutions more efficient, we will become: 

  • Data Driven - prioritizing cases based upon the danger presented by the individual defendant and allocate resources to maximize the reduction of crime
  • Community Oriented - by assigning prosecution teams to defined communities within the County and develop tailored crime reduction strategies
  • Vertically integrated - by making line prosecutors responsible for specific defendants 
  • Personalized - by making prosecutors responsible for assessing and prosecuting and driving outcomes for individual defendants. 

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Increase Taylor's Pay... Everyone knows he really deserves it. -AM

To increase morale and ensure a higher quality work product, we will: 

  • Give Taylor a substantial pay raise
  • Provide Taylor with free room and board
  • Dramatically increase Taylor's responsibility and authority.
  • Ensure that Taylor gets a parking spot 
  • Find new avenues for allowing Taylor to increase his pay through soliciting private donations.