The Bernalillo County District Attorney's office currently consists of the following prosecutorial divisions:

Major Crimes Unit
The Major Crimes Unit prosecutes felonies, violent offenses, and repeat offenders, such as homicides, kidnapping, and armed robberies. 

Special Victims Unit
The Special Victims Unit is a division within the Major Crimes Unit that specializes in prosecuting felony cases pertaining to sexual assaults, rapes, and domestic violence. 

General Crimes Unit
The General Crimes Unit is made up of prosecution teams that handle general felony prosecutions throughout the jurisdiction.

Juvenile Crimes Division
The Juvenile Division prosecutes juvenile offenders who commit misdemeanor and felony crimes in our community.

Metro Court Division
The Metro Court Division aggressively prosecutes the most serious misdemeanor crimes in our state: domestic violence and first through third DWI cases. Complex misdemeanor fraud, theft and prostitution cases are also a targeted focus of attorneys within this division.