The Bernalillo County District Attorney's office currently consists of the following prosecutorial divisions:

Community Crimes Division
The Community Crimes Division prosecutes felony drug and property crimes including drug trafficking, residential burglary, gun offenses, arson, drug crimes in school zones, racketeering, organized crime, larceny and identity theft crimes. This division prosecutes nearly two thirds of all felony cases in Bernalillo County.

Crimes Against Children Division
The Crimes Against Children Division prosecutes adults who commit felony offenses against children, including sexual and physical abuse. This division prosecutes all felony level child abuse involving kids under 13, unless the defendant is in a position of authority over the child. Then the age limit is raised to 18. This division also prosecutes child murder cases, aggravated indecent exposure, felony resident abuse, custodial interference cases, sexual exploitation of children cases, DWI cases (where a child suffers great bodily harm or death, kids under 13, unless a family member is the offender).

Felony DWI Division
This division prosecutes Felony DWI's, Child Abuse DWI's, Vehicular Homicides and Great Bodily Injury cases.

Gang Crimes Division
The Gang Division is tasked with the prosecution of felony crimes that are committed by gang members, including armed robbery, murder, extortion and intimidation of witnesses. 

Grand Jury Division
The Office of the District Attorney receives thousands of felony cases annually, two-thirds of which are processed by the Grand Jury Division. This division screens and presents felony economic, drug and property cases to the grand jury to criminally charge offenders.

Juvenile Crimes Division
The Juvenile Division prosecutes juvenile offenders who commit misdemeanor and felony crimes in our community.

Metro Court Division
The Metro Court Division aggressively prosecutes the most serious misdemeanor crimes in our state: domestic violence and first through third DWI cases. Complex misdemeanor fraud, theft and prostitution cases are also a targeted focus of attorneys within this division.

White Collar Crimes Division
This unique division is charged with the prosecution of all felony white collar crimes, including fraud, forgery, credit card theft, money laundering, sex offender failure to register, promotion of prostitution and bad check cases. In all cases, the Office of the District Attorney attempts to recover all losses suffered by victims.

Pre-Prosecution Probation Division
The mission of the Pre-Prosecution Diversion Program is to serve the community by protecting victim rights by working with first time felony offenders, who are amendable to rehabilitation. It is the goal of this division to ensure that offenders receive supervision, as well as adequate resources, so that they are able to successfully complete probation. This division requires probationers report in person, pay restitution in full, maintain gainful employment, pass at minimum the GED, complete community service, attend counseling and remain law abiding.

Special Proceedings Division
The Special Proceedings Division is a multifaceted division, dealing with the final and varied stages of the prosecutorial process. It is comprised of the Habeas Unit, the Fugitive Unit, Mental Health Unit, Judicial Supervision Unit and the Probation Violation Unit. The Special Proceedings Division also provides continued legal training for employees and officers, and multimedia consultation which ensures the effectiveness of the entire District Attorney’s Office.

Violent Crimes Division
The Violent Crimes Division is responsible for the prosecution of violent felony crimes including Murder, Sexual Assault, Kidnapping, Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Extreme Cruelty to Animals, Battery on School Personnel, Peace Officers and Health Care Workers.